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Fated. Mated. Naked? 

Lia is the kind of danger I never trained for: curvy, brilliant, and resilient. I’m not used to softness, and “family” is  only a theory. My role in the pack is need-to-know, but the sexy scientist sees more than she should. For my wolf, it was simple. He was pure animal instinct, no messy human emotions for him. Mate. But that meant she was mine to protect, not mine to keep. 

Aarick is strong, heals suspiciously fast, and I swear, he actually growled at me. I found him barely alive in the woods, with no clothes, no shoes, and no concept of personal space. He says my life is in danger, but refuses to tell me why. Maybe I’ve been alone on the mountain too long, but I’m not scared of him–only the way he makes me feel. 

Shifter secrets are about to be revealed and there’s only one way to protect her: claim her as my mate. This instalove, wolf shifter romance features two fated mates, just one cabin, lots of growling, groveling, and enough heat to melt snow. No cheating, and HEA guaranteed!  Available now!


Out Now

It’s a game of cat and mate–and I play to win.

Gemma is curvy, cunning, and challenging. She thinks she can run from me? After the hottest night of my life, I’m not letting her escape. 

Cody isn’t who I thought he was. He isn’t a mountain man. He acts like a businessman. But he makes me feel like prey…and I wonder–what kind of man is he? 

Primal play, a filthy talking shifter, intense emotions and a man who hunts his mate make this an extra steamy short read. Fated-mates, InstaLove curvy girl romance features a possessive panther shifter and the smart-mouthed woman he marks as his own. No cheating, and HEA guaranteed. 

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I’m grumpy. So what? It’s not like there’s anyone to impress. Until she shows up–and ruins everything.

Bex This research project is too important for me to leave the details to anyone else, but Beauregard Fraser brings intense to a whole new level. How can such a hottie be so frustrating? So I’m a little cheerful, and I like to take care of the people I love. That doesn’t mean I need to be protected…though it is kind of nice to have someone else worry about me, for once.

Beau I’m too busy running the family ranch, keeping the peace with the wolf and panther shifters, and trying to keep my bear sane, to worry about my lack of love life. When Rebecca Saxon and her wolf research project come to Wild Mountain, my bear insists she’s our mate. How can I convince her she’s meant to be mine, when my own family puts her in danger?

This steamy, curvy-girl, bear-shifter, grumpy-sunshine, Instalove romance features fated mates, no cheating and an HEA guaranteed!

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Wild Shift Bonus Epilogue 


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Handfasted and Furrious 


For a hotshot, Gavin Walker has the coldest eyes I’ve ever seen … so why does the idea of being tied to him for twenty-four hours set me on fire? He’s grumpy and dark, and I’m … not. But there’s something about my best friend’s brother that makes me want to walk on the wild side. 

Serena Grant is pure sunshine poured into a perfect, curvy package, and the only one who wants her more than I do is my bear. One look and I knew I’d found my forever mate. She’s like fresh snow, brand new to our small mountain town, and not ready for the truth about Shifters.

But my rough, dirty job as a forestry firefighter and my shifter side need some light before I completely succumb to the dark. I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine.




“Jillian, please, give me the map.” I begged. Not that it would help, without a compass or a clue where we were. 

I didn’t bother to pull my cell phone out of my pocket. It was dead as my hopes for decent pizza and an Uber. This stay in Wild Mountain had only gone from bad to worse.

“No. It’s my turn and I’m not done.” The curly haired cutie’s mutinous expression said she wasn’t open to any kind of sweet-talking.

I sighed. I usually only took on house-sitting jobs in the city, but I hadn’t been able to say no to this request. 

The woods were the worst. I’d been ditched by the leader of this excursion—well, not ditched exactly. That bee sting had looked pretty bad. Who knew a lip could swell up so much? 

It was so quiet here, I hadn’t slept well since I arrived. My neighbor hadn’t either–I guess I’d played my city noises soundtrack too loud and kept her up. Agreeing to help Chloe was the least I could do. She must have been too tired to mention this was a hike with her nephew and three more kindergarteners.

Now I was alone in the woods with four absolutely adorable children.

Who asked lots of questions.

And kept singing about chicken wings and hot dogs, making me even hungrier. 

When Brayden tried to catch a squirrel—he’d been oddly focused, like a little hunter—and I’d stepped off the path to follow him, the other kids began arguing over who got to hold the compass and dropped it down down a hole. 

“Fun” nature walk, my wide, wonderful ass.

Chloe was nowhere to be found. I didn’t want to say we were lost, exactly, but what if we weren’t the only ones in the woods? 

“Jillian, please. Don’t you want to get back to the trail? There could be bears or wolves, or—”

“Hello.” I turned around at the sound of the rich, dark voice…coming from a man wearing a uniform and a badge. Woohooo! Uniforms meant civilization!

Except one look in his eyes, and I saw anything but civilized. There was an awareness there that went beyond assessing our little group of misfits.

He’s wild, an inner voice whispered in my head. He looked like he could eat me alive. And I’d like it.

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