Wild shift

Bonus Scene–Spoiler Warning!

This scene comes after bear shifter Beuregard Fraser, second born son of the Fraser Family, arrives at the cabin to apologize to Lia and Aarick for the actions of his twin brothers (and oh, do I have plans for those idiots! ❤️‍🔥). Some readers wanted more background on Aarick, and others noticed there’s a bigger story unfolding on Wild Mountain. Rey makes an appearance in WILD MARK, Gemma and Cody’s story, coming soon!


Late afternoon sunlight filtered through the loft. My limbs were heavy, weighted by a sense of contentment I hadnt felt since I was a young pup. I did not want to move from this spot, ever. My mate was in my arms. Her lush ass backed up to me once again, her back fitted to my chest. Her sweetness mingled with the scent of our lovemaking, creating a unique musk I wanted to cover every part of her in. I wanted to roll around in the sheets, so I would also smell of her. 

She already smelled of me, but with my mate mark in her skin, all would know to whom she belonged. 


Shit. I still had to report in to my pack.

There was one way to get a message to my pack without leaving my woman.

The same spy who opened the window in the bunk room below. I caught the odor of his trail through the area and the cabin. Lia probably surprised him when she brought me back and ran off before we made it inside. 

My wolf’s satisfaction over my mate’s bravery overrode his territorial instinct to kill the intruder. For the moment. 

That curiosity and fearlessness of hers would always be dangerous. I never wanted her to lose either of those qualities. I would support her and protect her. 

I slipped out of the bed and pulled the blankets high around her. Worn out, she only grumbled a bit in her sleep. My chest lifted, and I wanted to howl with pride. 

 I slipped out the door and down the steps. “Cat. Show yourself.” I commanded.

There was no movement, no noise. 

Cat. Im out of patience. You came into my mates space and spied on us. Show yourself, or—”

A huff came from the trees. There was a muffled thud as something heavy hit the snow. A mountain lion padded forward, and in a breath, turned into a man. Wolves wouldn’t know patience if it bit them.”

Why are you watching this cabin?”

A shoulder shrugged. “The cabin is relevant to our interests.”

And yet bears patrol these woods.”

The man regarded me coolly, but a twitch of his eye gave away his irritation. 

Our pride has an agreement with the bears, Wolf.”

I cocked my head, waiting for him to elaborate, but like a typical cat, he left it at that. 

You have not answered my question.” 

Sure, I did.” 

My mate is in bed, waiting for me—”

He grinned. I heard.” 

I took on two bears. Cat fur in my teeth would round out the meal.”

He kept grinning,. “I saw that, too. The woman is amusing.” 

His stupid fucking smile finally vanished. “Im under orders to monitor this cabin and its occupants.”


That’s our business.”

I dont give a fuck what your orders are, or what your pride wants. This area is off your radar as of now.”

He took a step forward, and I growled. 

Okay.” He held up a hand. I get it. Youre mate crazy.” He shook his head, as though disturbed by the idea of being mated. 

My alpha is not interested in your mate, except to know she’s protected. His interests are…elsewhere…and would like to provide peace of mind that the other females in their group are safe.”

An image of the pictures tucked around Lias computers, showing her with two women, flashed in my mind. Which one of the other two was the Mountain Lion alpha interested in?

A noble motive. But no longer necessary.”

The cat dipped his chin in acknowledgement. 

Tell Cody this area is under my protection.” I couldnt help my smirk. The bears already got the message,” I said.

“You didn’t come out here just to warn me off.”

“No. I need to notify someone that I’m back in Wild Mountain. But I’m not leaving this cabin until my mate does.”

 He stared at me. 

“Fuck. Please get the message to Mathis.”

His eyes widened a fraction. He knew exactly who Mathis was and what he was in charge of. And by extension, he had an idea about my role in the pack.

“What a fucking waste.” His voice turned hard, “all that skill and training, just to end up mated.”

“Keep your opinion to yourself,” I snarled. “I heard it from the bear already.” I didn’t need another reminder of the changes this would bring. Lia’s life would never be the same. My role with the pack would never be what it had been. For the first time, I had no training to rely on, or orders to follow that would give me the direction I needed. But I had my angel. I had Lia. 

“You really think it’s worth it?”

This mountain lion shifter was a stranger. But I recognized his stance, the way he constantly scanned our surroundings, the way he held himself.

He and I were not so different. Except I wasn’t the same as I was just a day ago. Trained to serve and protect, but not one soul to actually care for. Or anyone who cared for me. 

My wolf gave me a nudge, his presence a reminder I wasn’t alone in this new role. The one of mate. I thought of Lia, her soft curves and smooth skin, her fierce determination and warm heart. I was definitely not alone.

“Worth it? She’s worth everything.”  

Lia stepped onto the step behind me.

“You should be in bed, keeping warm,” I told her.

“I missed you.” She pressed a kiss into my back, and wrapped her arms around my waist, before she peeked out at the mountain lion. She ducked back behind me when she saw he was naked. 

“I didn’t see another person for months, and the second you show up, this place is nonstop visitors.”  

I smiled at her muffled words. 

“The cat—”


“—is leaving,” I growled.

“I’ll send your message. Wolf.” He nodded once at Lia, before he shifted into mountain lion form. His typical dark gold coloring appearing brighter against the snow cover.

Wow,” Lia breathed out. Hes gorgeous.” 

The big cat preened for a moment, and I growled. He leaped away, shooting a look back at me as if he was laughing. Asshole.

I raised my voice to carry into the woods, “For your sake, I hope Fate finds someone who will consider you worthy.” 

A yowl filtered back through the trees.

“That mountain lion was also your intruder,” I informed my mate. My voice remained gravelly with a growl deep in my chest.

She let out a growl of her own before tugging me back inside. 

Aarick. Yours is the only naked body I want to see. I can appreciate a specimen…animal…shifter—ugh.” She wrinkled her nose. I think theres more I need to learn in navigating this new world.”

Ill show you,” I promised. “We have a lifetime together.”   

Why dont you come back up to the loft and show me?” Her suggestive smile and rapid breaths would be evident to even a human, but my wolf also scented her arousal. 

Are you turned on, Mate?”

Yes.” She wrapped her arms around me, her fingertips trailing down the center of my back, the light scrape of her nails making every nerve fire at once. My wolf surged to the surface, intent on making her more closely ours, and soothed by her touch. 

“You’ll have to tel me what he was doing here, Aarick.”

“I will, Nature Girl. Later.”

WILD SHIFT This instalove, wolf shifter romance features two fated mates, just one cabin, lots of growling, groveling, and enough heat to melt snow. No cheating, and HEA guaranteed!  Available now!

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For a hotshot, Gavin Walker has the coldest eyes I’ve ever seen … so why does the idea of being tied to him for twenty-four hours set me on fire? He’s grumpy and dark, and I’m … not. But there’s something about my best friend’s brother that makes me want to walk on the wild side. 

Serena Grant is pure sunshine poured into a perfect, curvy package, and the only one who wants her more than I do is my bear. One look and I knew I’d found my forever mate. She’s like fresh snow, brand new to our small mountain town, and not ready for the truth about Shifters.

But my rough, dirty job as a forestry firefighter and my shifter side need some light before I completely succumb to the dark. I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine.

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