Wild Mark

Bonus Scene–Spoiler Warning!

This scene 🥵 is one of Gemma and Cody playing out a confrontation about their shared dreams, during the time he stalked her, until he claimed her.


I hung my coat and tie in our large cedar-paneled closet. The Miami project was getting busier, and the cousins my grandmother sent to Wild Mountain had arrived a few days ago. I actually enjoyed working with them, but I missed Gemma. 

“Cody?” she called from our bedroom. 

“Yes, mate?” I’d never tire of saying it.
She was curled up in a chair near the fireplace, her tablet open to a book. She looked soft and delicious and cuddly. She looked like home. I didn’t need to get any closer to smell how aroused she was. 

“Those dreams I had…were they real? Were they actually me, feeling what you were doing?”

What kind of book is she reading? I wasn’t complaining. “Sometimes they were dreams—dreams we shared. But if you want to know if those times you could feel me, picture what I was doing, were real?”

“Yes,” she nodded, and bit her lower lip.

“Oh yes, those were real.”

She pulled her fuzzy sweater over her face.

I laughed and pulled the sweater down. I cupped her face with both hands, kissing each brow, the tip of her adorable nose, the tender bow at the top of her lips. 

I felt you—every time you touched yourself, every time you came—if that’s what you’re thinking about.”


“It was torture. And I wished you could have truly been with me to watch.”

She gasped.   

“Would you have liked that?”

She bit her lower lip. I like that. A lot.”

“You like the idea of me grabbing my cock, gripping it in my fist, wishing it was your lips wrapped around me?”

Oh, yes,” she breathed.

You like the idea of me stroking myself, thinking how much I wanted to be in your perfect pussy?” 

She nodded. 

The scent of her arousal hit me, and I closed my eyes to savor the moment. Thank the Fates. She liked what my words did to her, the dirty pictures I painted. She had no idea of the absolutely filthy things I planned. 

I would come all over my hand, making a mess everywhere. All alone, no pussycat to lap up the cream.” 

She whimpered.


Yes, darlin?” 

Show me?” She batted her eyes at me. 

And there was my little schemer.   

You want to see? You want to see how I would close my eyes and think of the way you tasted?” I took a step back and slowly unzipped my pants, loving the way her eyes widened and her chest rose and fell as she watched me.


The pace of descent was tortuous. I had been a shredder as a kid, wrapping paper reduced to confetti in my haste to get to the good stuff. 

Cody stopped at the bottom of the zipper, but didn’t pull his pants down. Instead, he crossed one arm in front of his chest and unbuttoned the cuff of his shirt.   

He rolled the sleeve up his forearm, one millimeter at a time.

I huffed a breath, and he smirked as he repeated the process. 

Then his hands drifted down to the top of his pants—yes!—and he reached in…and adjusted himself.

There couldn’t be any room left in there—why didn’t he just take it out already?

That must hurt.” I bit my lip at the thought of what made that monstrous bulge.   

It’s fucking torture.” 

A nicer woman wouldn’t be happy about that admission. Oops.

But the night we shared had lingered in my body’s memory for weeks; once satisfying sensations just out of reach. He’d known what that mark would do to me, how it would feel, how I would ache, and cry out, and fall asleep with an ever-growing void that bled into my dreams. 

Torture it was. I got the sense I wasn’t the only one amused in the moment. Our bond had only gotten stronger over the short time we’d been together. I got images and ideas from Cody’s panther. At first it had been weird to have someone else always with me, with us, but now I couldn’t imagine not having that part of Cody in my life. 

And I am so sorry to hear that it’s painful for you,” I said, a little Louisiana sugar in my tone.

No, you’re not,” he scoffed. But he reached for the top button on his shirt.

Nope,” I admitted, and smiled. Would he stop, end the game? But, no. Those firm hands, those long fingers that had been inside me kept unbuttoning his shirt, loosing his hidden animal side, little by little. 

I didn’t know where to look, what to watch; his face or his hands. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, each slow revelation of skin making my breath catch. I’d seen it all, felt every inch of him. 

He watched my face the entire time, hungry, as if he was storing this moment away, saving it.   

I wanted to tell him he didn’t have to. I was his, and he was mine, and we’d do this again and again and again. 

But I was also a mate who’d been taunted and teased for far too long. I wanted to see that he’d been in just as much agony as I had. 

He released the last button and pulled the shirt tails aside. I could see the tip of his cock now, just above the waistband of his boxer briefs. 

I licked my lips at the sight, and he groaned. 


Keep going.” 

He released himself, freedom making it bounce back against the tight ridges of his abs. 

Show me,” I said. 

Cody dragged a hand down his chest, through the fine, dark gold trail of hair to reach the thick base, fitting his hand around the shaft. 

I would hold myself just like this, imagining it was your hand squeezing my cock, your lips wrapped around the head, your tongue lapping up every drop.” He stroked his hand until he reached the crown, and swiped his thumb through the liquid gathered there.

My mouth parted. I wanted that. 

I like it harder. I would put my hand on yours and squeeze,” he said, as he gripped himself.

I like that, too.” I sucked in a breath. 

He grunted at my admission. He stared at me, and even though he was jerking himself, his pants open and shirt undone like a disheveled mess, I still felt like out-of-control, mindless prey. As if he was assessing every moment, learning how to trap me all over again. 

He was going to make me say the words. I growled in frustration. 

Careful pussycat. Dont you know not to challenge a predator?”

“Ha. If you were so tough, youd have me pinned by now.” 

 Nice try.” He grinned. When I pin you down, youre never going to want to get back up.

 All talk.” I huffed in frustration. Why wouldn’t he take the bait?

We both know thats not true, though, is it?”

I did. And thats what made me squirm in my seat. I wanted more. I wanted…and I knew just how to get it. He thought I was some sweet little kitty?

I untucked my legs from under me, and let them fall open, my sweater rising a few inches with the motion. 

His gaze shot to my lap. 

I ran one hand through my hair, down my neck, over my breasts. I cupped one aching breast and circled the hardening nipple with my thumb. 

His eyes narrowed, and he panted. 

Remember that night at the bar?”

He growled at me, his hand gripping his cock.

Oh, you do. Good. I thought I was the only one.” My hand went lower, smoothing over my belly, coming to the top of my underwear.

My other hand pulled up the edge of my thin, fuzzy sweater, inching it just a little higher. But not so high hed be able to see what I knew he wanted. 

You asked me, begged me, really, to say you could have me.”

Rrrrrip’. And the pants were gone. A moment later and he was fully naked.

I shivered. I put my fingers in my mouth and sucked, pulling them in and out. 

The other hand was under my sweater, fingers gliding over my pussy and the damp spot on my underwear. Every brush of my fingers over my clit tingled and made me hungry for more. 

I wiggled my wet fingers at him and pulled aside the fabric. 

You said, ‘please tell me I can make you come, turn my cock white with your pussy cream while I turn your ass pink’.” I pushed my fingers in and out. I played with myself, fucked my own fingers raw, with those words ringing in my ears.” 

“You think it was mean to mark you the way I did?” 

Ooh. The fangs were out. Yes. I loved this man so much, sometimes I ached.   

“It wasn’t nice.” I knew he wasn’t cruel. He was a shifter male who marked his mate. I told Kelly the story when we went back to Miami, and she’d shrugged. Then she told me how she and her husband Andreas met, and I realized Cody had taken it easy on his human mate. 

“And what do you think would be nice, mate?” He asked, as he stepped closer, his hard length in hand. 

“Not making me suffer,” I said. 

“Hmmm.” He stroked himself, the head ruddy in the firelight. He was just close enough.

I bent forward and licked the tip of his cock, gratified by his sharp inhale.

“Gemma,” he growled my name. 

I swirled my tongue around the tip again and lapped at the salty liquid. He groaned as I released the head. 

“Gemma,” he said, and this time it was a plea, not a warning. 

“Help me, Cody.” I licked my lips. He knew what I meant. I had tried to get him all the way in my mouth, but he was too big. He stroked himself harder, faster, as I sucked him deep. All thought of taunting him fled. I loved the way he felt in my mouth, the heat, the noises he made, the connection we shared. The sensations I received through the mate bond fed my desire, stoking it higher and higher, until I was a trembling, panting mess. 

“Gemma, pull off,” he warned. 

No. I kept sucking. He was about to come. I didn’t want to miss a drop, and a beat later I was flooded with a wash of heat that went straight to my clit. As if I were an extension of his orgasm, I came hard, gasping around his still pumping cock. 

“Fuck. Fuck. Gemma.” He ran a shaky hand through my hair. 

I looked up at him through my lashes and licked my lips. 

He let out a weak laugh. “You love being my pussycat, don’t you?” 

I could barely talk, the surprise of my own orgasm robbing me of speech. But I had a way to let him know exactly what I was thinking. 

Cody’s eyes widened, and his nostrils flared wide. “I am going to devour you.”


I scooped up Gemma and switched spots with her, so that I was sitting in the oversized chair. Oversized for my mate, but a perfect fit for my panther form. 

She straddled my lap, her head tucked under my chin, as she trembled from the aftershocks of her orgasm. I wanted to scream into the woods to tell the world she was mine. Before Gemma, I had only observed the power of having a bond like this, and the outside view didn’t approach the experiences inside our mate bond.

Gemma lifted her head from my shoulder. “Why are you—not sad, but…?”

“I could never live without you. I am so in love with you.”

“I love you, too.” She tipped her head. “What else is going on?”

“My grandparents had a mate bond. Kelly and Andreas have it. Many members of the Mendia family married for advantage, not even for love. Even fewer are mated. I wish more couples were so lucky as we are.”

“Yeah, I think about that, too.” She nibbled her bottom lip. “Rey?”

“Of course you picked up on that.” I kissed her forehead, her nose, each cheek, and her soft lips. She’d seen my second in command a few times over the past months. His preference to stay in the shadows was only part of the reason she didn’t know him better. “Reynaud doesn’t believe in love. Mate bonds may as well be the moon. He knows it’s there, but the likelihood of holding it in his hand is impossible. I don’t know if he’d even welcome one.”

Gemma blinked back a tear. “That is sad. Could we fix—”

“No. No matchmaking.”

“Elaine could help—”

“No. He has his reasons.” 

“Fine.” She let out a dramatic sigh. “Are you sure—”

Crack! I gave the little troublemaker what she was looking for and she wriggled on my lap.   

“Cody!” She pretended to be outraged, but felt her tremor of excitement running through our bond. 

I whipped off her sweater and sent her tank top sailing across the room.

Uh-uh.” I grabbed her ass and lifted her until that gorgeous pussy of hers was right in my face. I wrapped my one arm around her back and the other around her upper thighs, and drank in the sight. 

Her panties were pushed to the side so her puffy lips were half covered, half exposed. The sight nearly made me come right then. Pink pussy glossy and slick—there was nothing sexier than my mate, so desperately hungry for me. 

Ill give you what you need.” I nipped her clit, licked and stroked it, made tiny circles she tried to chase with her hips.
The pre-cum leaked from my cock, and I wanted nothing more than to bury myself deep inside my mate. I pressed her tight to my face. 

My fangs scraped along the edges of her puffy pussy lips, slick and juicy, just like a peach.

Her hands slammed down on the chair as she threw her head back and came like lightning. 

Thats a good girl. Give it all to me.” 

She trembled in my arms, her knees pressed into my shoulders. I released my grip on her and let her ease down my body.

Oh my god.” 

She slid down my body to her knees, and I was already there, ready for her. 

Gemma sank down on my cock, and we both moaned at the feeling.
“Fuck, yes,” I breathed out. 

She canted her hips up and down, but it was too fast; I wanted to savor every moment. I held her still.
She pouted, a look I hadnt yet seen on my little kitten. Gemma was so strong, so smart, independent and capable; she didnt need anyone to give her anything. Which made everything she gave me even more special.
The man in me needed the control. But I couldnt hold back the beast much longer and deny us all the pleasure we deserved.
I held her with one hand on her hips and the other behind her back, and feasted on the sight that was my mate. Her perfect little tits with tight, pointed nipples. Her rapid, panting breaths. The twin dots on her shoulder of my mate mark. 

My throat clamped tight against the growl I could feel rising from my beast. He loved her as I did. 

I let my animal side slip, and watched as Gemma’s mouth went slack when she saw my panther looking out at her. Mate! He wanted her, and he wanted her now. 

I slammed her down on my cock and she wrapped her arms around my neck as I pumped up into her, her luscious ass bouncing on my lap. 

“Cody,” she gasped out. And then she was screaming my name, her pleasure setting off my own intense orgasm. 

She rocked into me and I gripped the panties she still wore, pulling them to the side even further. I could have ripped them off, but there was something even hotter about the soft cotton, now stretched and soaking. 

This wasn’t the first pair we’d ruined. Fates willing, it was far from the last. 


“I know. I love you, all of you.”

She kissed me, soft and sweet. I gave all my love back to her in my kiss—until a heavy rumble vibrated my chest. 

She put her hand over my heart, and smiled as we watched copper and gold dance in the air around us.



It’s a game of cat and mate–and I play to win. Gemma is curvy, cunning, and challenging. She thinks she can run from me? After the hottest night of my life, I’m not letting her escape.
Cody isn’t who I thought he was. He isn’t a mountain man. He acts like a businessman. But he makes me feel like prey…and I wonder–what kind of man is he? 

Primal play, dirty talk, intense emotions and a man who hunts his mate make Wild Mark an extra steamy short read. Fated-mates, InstaLove curvy girl romance with a possessive panther shifter and the smart-mouthed woman he marks as his own. No cheating, and HEA guaranteed!

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